Sketches on Duality - Blessed [official video]

Well, 2020 was hard, but there are good things we can hold on to! Like the new single of Vienna-based Live-Hip-Hop/Acid-Jazz band Sketches on Duality. Coming from different corners of the world, they met at a famed groove jam-session in Vienna...

Strong lyrics, combined with rousing, powerful, contemporary, disco sound from the ’80s make this track an outstanding mix of classic swing, retro-’80s elements, and modern EDM-beats.

Deladap mastermind Stani Vana proves once again that...

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50 Years of a Cultural Phenomenon
“Feliz Navidad” is consistently one of the most played Christmas songs every year. It’s synonymous with the season and is instantly recognizable across the world...

Mr Eazi & Major Lazer (feat. Nicki Minaj & K4mo) - Oh My Gawd

Shaggy is BACK with his Hotshot 2020 album!

His track "Banana" is currently number 1 in the Netherlands and climbing charts globally and is a viral sensation on TikTok...

Vorbereitungen für das INNtöneOpen Air:

Liebe Freunde der INNtöne,

das Gras auf der Konzertwiese für das INNtöne Open Air ist gemäht, jetzt wächst es wieder. Zwei Tage vor...

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego

new Alpha & Omega Album out on 29.05.2020




Gary Lucas: 25 shows and counting since lockdown


After rescheduling most of their 2020 tourdates to 2021, Third Worlds call for „More Work To Be Done“ will be continued in 2021.

Bookings for 2021: Walter Laurer ,