Adolfo Sebastiani

Adolfo Sebastiani, soloist of the band "He and the Friends of the King"
His singer career began in 1976 through an important television program, where there were selections for Sanremo and that was already hosted at that time, the program was called "New Voices for Sanremo" by Gianni Ravera at Castrocaro Terme.
For several years he has accompanied with his voice precious marriages and private parties for birthdays of important characters until 2001.
In 2002, the current artistic director and manager, Morici Rosauro, invited him to create a group with the most beautiful songs by Adriano Celentano in the largest Italian squares.
This group is called "He and the Friends of the King", since then 1072 concerts in Italy have been performed and 165 shows and concerts in the former Soviet Union and around the world.
The same Rosauro Morici in 2009 brought Adolfo Sebastiani to meet Adriano Celentano, a longtime friend of Roauro Morici, and invited him to continue his career as an artist closer to him and with the help of Celentano we managed to reach the most important locales and theaters of the world.