Rock the Opera

Symphonic Rock specialist Friedemann Riehle works on authentic and powerful rock orchestrations since 2001. As the main rule in his work, he keeps the orchestra not as a background decoration, but brings it into a real dialogue with rock instruments and creates in this way a spectacular sound and an unrivaled energy with a symphonic Orchestra.

The programma under the name of Rock the Opera, was orginally created for our first symphonic rock concert in the Vienna State Opera in 2015. Due to its succes, both by Rockfans and in the classical world, Rock the Opera decided to tour in the whole of Europe, with sold out concerts in the most prestigeous halls.The Concert is unqiue in its kind, and promises you the best of both worlds: the raw energy of rock, with the refined orchestrations of the most favourite arrangements in history, in the most prestigeous classical venues or at your favourite festival, where you never thought to be able to witness this combination.

Be prepared to be blown away by a full philharmonic Orchestra playing greatest hits from worlds most legendary rockbands: Queen, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, U2, conducted by Symphonic Rock specialst; Friedemann Riehle.

Rock the Opera will shoot you back to the glorious days of rock, with the energy of the originals and the massive and brilliant sound of a philharmonic orchestra. Due to the latest techonology in amplification, the breathtaking arrangements, and the best musicians from both the classical and rock world, Rock the Opera will bring you Rock as you never heard before, with the utmost respect for the original song and its importance in the history of music, and with the grandeur only a full Philharmonic Orchestra can bring.

Rock the Opera, the real sound of rock.