Jah Mason releases 20th Studio Album, Love & Wisdom

Jah Mason celebrated the launch of his latest album at Redbones Blues Cafe in New Kingston, Jamaica on 11/24/15. Love & Wisdom, the 17 track debut album on the New Creations record label (Atlanta, GA) tells the story of everyday life with several songs speaking to the the trials and tribulations of love relationships as well as themes pertaining to the benefits of a natural way of life. Jah Mason shared his vision of the album stating, "It’s all about Love & Wisdom and the concept is about every day living, and we just put it into words, to deliver the message through music as a transportation to send it across the world." New Creation Records CEO, Sherwin Sterling further endorsed the concept of Love & Wisdom as a Life's Journey, " It's always important to keep our mind as wide as the ocean and our hearts as the stream and keep loving each other the same."

Track Listing

Love & Wisdom
 1. Princess Gone Remix
 2. Baby Come Back Home
 3. Can’t Get You Off My Mind
 4. Girl You Know You Are
 5. When You Love Someone
 6. It’s Your Life
 7. Give It Time (Ras Demo Featuring Jah Mason)
 8. Can You Feel My Pain
 9. Polluting The System
 10. Can’t Stop The Herbs
 11. From Wah Day
 12. Every Little Mek a Muckle
 13. Trouble On Your Shoulder
 14. So Real
 15. It’s Your Life - Acappella
 16. Can’t Get You off My Mind - Acappella
 17. Princess Gone - Acapella

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