From Where Will the Next Global Live Music Trend Emerge? - Midem 2018

Georg Leitner of Georg Leitner Productions GmbH on stage at Midem in Cannes as speaker on the panel "From Where Will The Next Global Music Trend Emerge?"

A breakdown of hot music trends in various territories in an attempt to forecast the next hot music trend or artist that will transcend borders and cultures. From which territory will the next K-pop, Despacito, Electronic or cultural phenomena? Cutting edge music professionals from a wide range of disciplines and territories will discuss at they see bubbling up around the globe and how emerging music can breakthrough on a global level.
In association with Pollstar David Bradley, Agent, William Morris Endeavor (UK) Rob Hallett, Founder, Robomagic (UK) Georg Leitner, CEO, Georg Leitner Productions (Austria) Claudio Trotta, Founder, Owner and President/Founder and President , Barley Arts Promotion/Slow Music (Italy) Moderator: Harvey Goldsmith, Promoter, Harvey Goldsmith Productions (UK)