C-Black aka RIO

Robert Nesta Marley Adoyo Nyawade, better known as „C-Black“, proves that his music does not know any country borders. His music just needs two things: talent & passion. The Salzburgbased musician with Kenyan roots convinces with an perfect English, an extraordinary sense of tact and an impressive voice, which also causes a stir at artists from the United States and Jamaica. C-Black owes his talent to his father Jah Maik Nyawade, who founded “Ras Sound Intl.“ in Salzburg in 1992. Ras Sound is a union of artists and DJs who arrange and organize events like Jamboree, Jamrock, Island Fever or Yard Vibez. Those events take place in Salzburg.
His father Jah Maik, also a musician, had a huge influence on C-Black and that was the reason why Reggae, Soul & Funk have been his earliest day companions. Shaped by a lot of journeys and concert-tours by his father, a half-year stay in Kenya and a journey to Jamaica did the same. But the trip to Jamaica shaped his personality the most: He visited the grave of one of his most influencing persons, Reggae legend Peter Tosh. Now the decision has finally been made: His life will be dedicated to music. He came back to Austria with loads of new ideas and new inspiration. He decided to finish school and he also started an apprenticeship at an event engineering company. At the same time, his passion for music got bigger and bigger and so he decided to produce his own music. He came to the conclusion that it was time to start a collaboration with „Kd“, David Kuta. The initial idea was actually that his debut album will be produced by other artistis/DJs and not by himself. But as their experience grew, C-Black & Kd decided to produce the debut album of C-Black on their own. They kept fully focused, put a lot of effort into this project and they finally made it. Ever since then, they started to create their own beats and music and that was also the right time for their next step: The foundation of Q-Dex Production. Based on their own album production, the title of C-Black’s album was set: C-Black – „All on my Own“
The production of the album was finished in November 2012 and the upcoming release party has been a big success. The release party took place at the Republic Café in Salzburg, on the 28th of December with more than 500 music enthusiastics. C-Black started very productive into the year 2014 and turned his attention to the development of new projects and he also kept his focus on producing. The next step was made and so it happened that C-Black & Kd were responsible for the album „Shootingstar“ of Golo (Release: 30th of March 2013). Besides that, C-Black was the supporting act of internationally known artists like Omarion, Lloyd, Junior Kelly, Ward 21, General Levy,Nazar and Cali P. Since the beginning of the new year, C-Black is putting a lot of effort in his new album. Due to the length and the conception of the album, it will be a longplayer called “Dark Desert“. Deadly Hunta, Johnny Julianno, Mistah Gikko and Ikaya will appear as featureguests on „Dark Desert“. Responsible for the production of the beats are C-Black himself, Johnny Julianno and Willie B, who has also worked with internationally acclaimed artists like Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q,Wiz Kahlifa and Busta Rhymes. In addition, Q-Dex Production is working on a sampler, which will inter alia feature artists like Black Tiger (Basel), JDF (Stuttgart), Big J (Linz) and HSC (Vienna). The release is forecast for the end of July 2015. Whether it’s Trap, Reggae, Hip Hop, R&B or Soul. One thing is clear: The name C-Black stands for an artist with a lot of talent and potential. He will definitely make his way. That’s for sure.