Chronatic Quartet

Every style of music has its time. How about a night of music that transcends time and space? Chronatic Quartet manages something few bands do: Robbie Williams shares the stage with Vivaldi, Brahms duets with Freddie Mercury, Mozart and Supertramp go on tour together, and Jon Bon Jovi rocks out with Johann Sebastian Bach. Whether you’re young or old, an Opera fan or Rocker, a devotee of either high- or pop-culture: These four musicians from Germany’s Saarland- and North Rhineregions
have combined what is otherwise kept apart.
Originally called “Fourtissimo“, the quartet has been playing together for ten years. Highlights include Saarlouis’ “Kulturpreis 2016“, a number of events with Saarland’s main broadcaster, a show at Berlin’s “Deutschlandfest“, as well as a variety of standalone shows across Germany and Europe. 2018 saw the band’s “relaunch“: Now called Chronatic Quartet, Tobias Paulus (violin), Marco T. Alleata (bass), Benedikt ter Braak (piano), and Jan Friedrich (drums) fuse musical genres that are usually never mixed, add creative original compositions, and are thus able to see a dream come to fruition. “We appeal to everyone who likes listening to music, because for us, it’s something timeless. Music is music, whether it’s classical, Rock, Pop, or a movie’s soundtrack,“ says pianist Benedikt ter Braak. “All genres are equally beautiful.“
Virtuous musical performances, exciting stories, comedic parts, backstage moments: An evening with Chronatic Quartet is a journey through the fourth dimension, and the sound of a conversation between generations; so please beseated comfortably and fasten your seatbelts, because: Classic Rocks Pop