Grand Tapestry

Rap has gone global but there's still very few instances where the realms of rap and world music meet. Marrying hip-hop with classical Indian music, the newly formed group Grand Tapestry, bridges that gap. Featuring Eligh, an independent hip-hop artist known for genre experimentation, Alam Khan on the 25-stringed fretless instrument called the sarode, and Salar Nader on the Indian drum known as the tabla.

Alam is the son of the late legendary Maestro Ali Akbar Khan.  Ali Akbar Khan was known as the greatest Sarode player of modern times, and is responsible for bringing Indian music to the west.  Salar is a disciple of Tabla Master Zakir Hussain. Eligh, an independent rapper and producer, from Los Angeles, is touted for his style, content and love for the abstract. These three artists came together to create an epic tapestry of sound; 16 songs of cinematic beauty. Listen with your eyes closed, mind open, and find yourself in a wondrous state.