Gudrun Liemberger alias GuGabriel is a famous Austrian singer-songwriter.
She started her solo career in 2010 – before that she was leader of the
band “SheSays”. The name GuGabriel is made up from her two first names:
Gudrun and Gabriele.
Her album "Anima(l)" was released in 2011 and marked a first success in
her career as a solo singer.
After a break GuGabriel celebrated her comeback in July 2012. She also
started a cooperation with Opel Austria and became the new brand
ambassador which lasted until the end of 2014.
„Salvation“ – the successful comeback-hit

With her comeback-single „Salvation“, which was released in summer
2012, GuGabriel celebrated a fulminant comeback and was represented for
more than three months in the Austrian Top 40 charts. She has also
reached the impressive number of more than 600,000 clicks on YouTube
until today. In South Tyrol the single was number 1 in the charts.
GuGabriel about her song: "For me the song Salvation means the start of a
journey, a journey to love, light and truth. Just today, in a world full of new
challenges it is important to believe that we can reach common and
individual happiness – and to trust in ourselves that we are able to guide
our lives back on the right way. My song has the aim to encourage all
people to do so.”
„Adam & Eve“ and „Breaking Through"
Her second single „Adam & Eve“ came out in December 2012 and was
played on the biggest radiostation in Austria, Ö3 as well as the single
„Breaking Through" which was released in April 2014.

„What About Us"
“What About Us” is about the importance of sustainable thinking
nowadays. Gudrun supports this cause and tries her best to involve her
thoughts about this subject in her work as in her own life.
The music video was shot in the countryside of the northern part of Lower
Austria and at a special place that is called “Arche Noah” which is a
community that preserves crop diversity and heirloom varieties for a
livable future.
„A Little Bit Of Love"
“A Little Bit Of Love” was released in December 2016 and received airplay
at radio Ö3. It looks at relationship(s) from an individual and universal
point of view. Gudrun made three very authentic videos showing the
situation of people getting together...

Releases from GuGabriel
● Single „A Little Bit Of Love” (Dec 2016)
● Single „What About Us” (May 2016)
● Single „Breaking Through” (April 2014)
● Single „Adam & Eve“ (Dec 2012)
● Single „Salvation“ (July 2012)
● Single „Poor little Joé“ (Nov 2011)
● Single „Reason” (May 2011)
● Album „Anima(l)“ (2011)
Previous highlights in GuGabriel's career
GuGabriel was nominated for the "Amadeus Award 2013" in the category
"Pop / Rock" .
In January 2014 GuGabriel was announced as a winner of the "European
Border Breakers Award 2014" .
First place at the “ÖKB Songwriter Award” , 2017
The musical beginnings until the breakthrough
with "SheSays"
Gudrun Liemberger was born in Freistadt, Austria. She grew up in Weitra,
a village in Lower Austria. At home she always played music with her two
sisters and was taught in vocals, guitar, violin, piano and flute.
After several years of working in the family business and staying in England
and the USA afterwards, she moved to Vienna at the age of 22 and
completed her musical education at the University of Music and
Performing Arts with an excellent certificate.
This was followed by an international theatre workshop in Berlin /
Wannsee Forum and by film and theatre acting studies in Vienna. She
participated in a number of festival films and was member of different

With her band SheSays the entry into the music business was sealed. In
2006 they received the „Amadeus Austrian Music Award“ and reached
position 2 in the Austrian Singles Charts with their single "Rose Gardens".

Album releases with SheSays
● SheSays „SheSays“ (2006): number one album in the Austrian Charts
● SheSays „Want it“ (2007)
● SheSays „Acoustic Live“ (2008)
Bands before SheSays
Galahad (1999); The Shepherds (2001)
Support of
Alice Cooper, Seal, Toto, Deep Purple, Laith Al-Deen, Xavier Naidoo
Support tour with SheSays
for Bryan Adams in Austria, Germany and Benelux as well as for Uriah Heep
in Germany and Switzerland.
CD Project
with: Dubblestandart & Lee „Scratch“ Perry and „Return from Planet Dub“