Karl Bartos

Hardly any other name in German popmusic is as much a synonym for electronic lifestyle as Karl Bartos. Not only his work as a member of Kraftwerk, but also his co-operation with local and international artists show him as an icon of a worldwide movement in music. Now, the pioneer of electronic music is back to be heard and seen ¬ live.
As co-author of known Kraftwerk titles as “The Robots", “The Model", “Pocket Calculator" or “Tour de France", Karl Bartos set the foundation for the world-wide success of German Techno-Pop a la Kraftwerk. Countless bands such as Depeche Mode, OMD, The Human League, but also the complete Techno-Dance movement never seize to stress the importance of Kraftwerk's influence on their creative work.
Bartos belongs to the rare German Pop-icons who enjoy the highest international recognition. His authenticity as one of the founders of a particular German genre makes him as hip as ever.
As a classically trained drummer and keyboarder, Bartos' influence is evident on the music of Kraftwerk. The godfathers of US-HipHop such as Africa Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force, but also the protagonists of the early Detroit Housegrooves have picked up his typical electro beats. With the international success of German Dancemusic, the quality of electronic lifestyle from Germany (co-founded by Bartos) is confirmed until this day.
After having left Kraftwerk, his activities as author and producer lead him to world-wide successful co-operations with OMD (Andy McCluskey) and Electronic (Bernard Sumner / Johnny Marr), The Mobile Homes (Sweden), and Anthony Rother and Deine Lakaien from Germany, as well as records of his own project titled “Electric Music".
A suprise-gig as electronic DJ in August 1999 at the “Kickzone"-Festival during the PopKomm in Cologne gained him excellent critics ¬ for Bartos the starting-signal for new live plans.
Accompanied by a keyboarder Bartos' live-set is composed of newly arranged solo-titles and some premiers. Thus “Man Machine", “Metropolis", “Techno Pop" and “The Telephone Call" have never been performed live before ¬ further Kraftwerk songs have been digitally optimized for stage conditions. The previously unreleased track “15 Minutes of Fame" will be complemented with further new compositions, inspired by the atmosphere of a live audience and set to be captured on an upcoming album.
Visually Bartos will be supported by the work of Cologne video artist Karsten Binar who created video loops, illustrating on big TV screens the classics of Electro-Pop ¬ bartos live.