Malik & The OG's

“Malik’s work is reminiscent of his mentor and lifelong friend, the late great Gil Scott-Heron, who mentored Malik ever since meeting him back stage at the Royal Court Theatre in Liverpool in 1984. This year malik will be producing and performing at ‘The Revolution will be Live – A tribute to Gil Scott Heron as part of Liverpool International Music Festival 2015.’ Malik spent years touring with Gil and had the great privilege to write a song for him before he passed away. Gil recorded the song called ‘Black & Blue,’ which features on Malik & the O.G’s forthcoming album, entitled ‘Rhythms of the Diaspora’ due for release in 2015.


In 2014 Malik & the O.G’s played to a packed house at the Jazz café London in support of Last Poet Jalal for the film “Hustlers Convention” which premiers at Docfest in Sheffield in June 2015. Renowned Music critic Paul Bradshaw (Straight no Chaser) said…


“There were a lot of faces in the house and the level of anticipation high. It was down to Liverpudlian poet and prime mover behind this project, Malik Al Nasir to open the set with a hand picked ensemble called the O.G’s. Mentored by both Jalal and the late great Gil Scott-Heron, Malik brought his own poetic life experience to the event and his no nonsense delivery came wrapped in the warm, versatile vocals of Cleveland Watkiss and Chantelle Nandi. (Paul Bradshaw)


Malik’s repertoire with his band ‘The O.G’s’ also features a tribute to Richie Havens, the black folk music legend, who opened Woodstock in 1969 with the song ‘Freedom – Motherless Child.’ The song has it’s roots in slavery.


Malik’s music director Orphy Robinson, has worked with everyone from Jazz Warriors to Nigel Kennedy  and fellow Jazz Warrior Cleveland Watkiss will also be gracing the stage as a featured artist in Malik & the O.G’s spoken word set, with a few members of Gil’s band as well.”