Mother Africa

The “Circus Mother Africa” is celebrating its anniversary and is on tour with its grand show of success „Khayelitsha – my home“  The tour goes through Europe with 40 cities in Germany and also others in Austria, Netherlands, Danemark and Italy.
Since ten years the shows of Mother Africa bring the pulse of the African Continent on stage. The new Show will take its visitors to “Khayelitsha”, one of the biggest townships in South Africa. Mother Africa presents with “Khayelitsha – my home” a colourful world packed with dance, music and acrobatics as well as a new point of view to Africa with its beautiful, stunning and unique facets.
Mother Africa is more than just a circus show; it is a journey through the African continent with best entertainment and highest artistic performance. Every visitor will enjoy the great variety of modern and traditional African culture in the show and supports not only the artists on stage.


About 25 kilometers away from the city of Cape Town and the Table Mountain, in the peripherie just around the corner lies one of the biggest Townships of South Africa: Khayelitsha. More or less two million people live there in self build hoods made of panel sheets, wood or cardboard. Khayelitsha is the Xhosa word for “new home“. It’s a township amongst many others in Cape Town, developed from the Group Area Act in 1950, which banned all black people from South African cities. After the end of Apartheid many black people came back from rural areas to Khayelitsha to find work. 90 % of the inhabitants are black, the rest of the population is colored, white people hardly dare to go there. In recent years the government tries to improve living conditions in Khayelitsha. But all efforts proceed slowly. In fact Khayelitsha is a place of violence and crime. South Africa has one of the highest crime rates in the world. Khayelitsha, with an unemployment rate of 70%, has gained notoriety in being the front-runner for ages. On the other hand you can find great places of joy and zest of life in in Khayelitsha as well as a lot of hope, talent and positive energy. This is what the show focuses on.
The most successful young athletes from seven nations will present their motherland from the heart: joyful, colorful, creative and self-conscious. The hustle and bustle in the townships is the central theme of the show, it unites all performances of dance, singing and artistic with quotations from African history and bridges to European culture. In Mother Africa’s “Khayelitsha” some “inhabitants” make their way through the chaos of the township with neckbreaking unicycle constructions made of rebuilt bikes and pushcarts. Ladders or washbowls suddenly become props for fabulous artistic. Young people sing and dance in the street while others are building human pyramids, performing breath-taking icarian games or contorsion acts on simple hand carts. Life in Africa often is a balancing act between tradition and modern life style. So it’s no wonder that in “Khayelitsha” traditional Zulu dance meets modern Break dancing. A cool groove mixed with traditional music performed live on stage by the Mother Africa band underlines the two hour show spectacle.