Tango In Red Major

Gustavo Russo, the well-known dancer and choreographer is back again, presenting his new show Tango in Red Major. Russo has delighted and moved audiences in France, Austria, Holland, Russia, Poland, Greece, Lithuania, Korea, Israel, Arab Emi-rates, Brazil, Chile, Turkey, Australia, Taiwan, etc. for the last 24 years. His shows have been acclaimed by the public at many of the most important international stages, such as the Olympia Theatre in Paris, the Opera House in Jerusalem, the Kremlin Theatre in Moscow, the Stad Halle in Vienna, the RAI Theatre in Amsterdam, the Chungmu Art Hall in Seoul between others and his work has been praised by the specialized press, thanks to his incomparable and unique choreographic talent. The extraordinary cast of artists on stage, and the Show, with its powerful energy and virtuosity, draws the spectator into the heat of the passion born of this exotic and highly erotic dance which Gustavo Russo with Samantha García moulds and manipulates in a way which only they can.