Tango Seducción

„An energy bomb ... Must be seen!" (Tel Aviv Times, Israel)
„More spectacular, more innovative, more sensual.“
„...(you are) going to be overwhelmed!“ (Dario Metro, Paris)

GLP in cooperation with Amphitrion is pleased to announce the representation of TANGO SEDUCCION - a show that has been seen by more than 300 000 people already.

The world-renowned best tango dancer and choreographer Gustavo Russo, together with top Argentinean artists, bring the world's audiences a new kind of Tango show. Through exciting production and top artistic creativity, TANGO SEDUCCION portraits the most sensual dance of all times, The Argentinean Tango. TANGO SEDUCCION brings the wonderful art-form of Tango closer to more and more people around the world, and lets them truly experience this special journey through moments of laughter and excitement, jealousy and seduction, sensuality and love.