An overwhelming success hit story by Helene Fischer & Luis Fonsi: “VAMOS A MARTE”

The sky is not the limit it seems for German super-star Helene Fischer & Latin-Super-star Luis Fonsi joining forces in their new single “Vamos A Marte” … so they reach for Mars, not only for the Moon …On August 6, 2021, the premiere of the new single ran on all free TV channels of the Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland (Bertelsmann). For the first time on German television a single premiere of Europe's most successful female artist was aired on seven TV channels.

Accordingly, the single skyrocketed the trend charts ranking #1 in the YouTube music trend charts and #3 in Amazon-Music for its first weekend (Aug 6-8) already. The video, which celebrated its world premiere on Friday evening on TV, easily topped the list and generated more than 1.5 million views by Monday morning.

Universal Music already sees Helene Fischer's duet with Luis Fonsi as the "summer hit 2021". Luis Fonsi, known for his music history making hit "Despacito", knows Helene Fischer from Echo 2018 when they both sang his track "Échame La Culpa" there. In December 2018 they also performed "Despacito" as a duet on the Helene Fischer TV show. Fonsi meanwhile has also become jury member of “La Voz” in Spain since 2019."It is such a great honor for me that I was allowed to record 'Vamos A Marte' with the unique Helene Fischer," says Luis Fonsi. "She is an artist who can do anything, who is truly capable of anything. And it was extremely exciting to sing a song in German and in Spanish - that's something I had never done before. Thank you, Helene that you invited me and that I could become a part of this incredible song!"

The single now is on its way to become the summer-hit not only in Germany, but will see spreading the Mediterranean in all hotels, resorts and summer clubs with German tourists from Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Italy and elsewhere in Europe. After taping for “La Voz” 2021, Luis will be touring around Europe & making his fans dancing again along a hot Latin Music Summer Night!