Video Premiere: Deladap – ‘Gambling Girl’

Strong lyrics, combined with rousing, powerful, contemporary, disco sound from the ’80s make this track an outstanding mix of classic swing, retro-’80s elements, and modern EDM-beats.

Deladap mastermind Stani Vana proves once again that he is a master of the EDM-Neo-Swing and constantly adds new directions to this increasingly interesting genre!

“Gambling Girl” is the ninth single released from Deladap who’s next album Play will be released on three, 12-inch vinyl, each one containing four songs. These songs will also be available digitally and on CD as a normal album format.

Deladap means “Give Me the Beat,” and they have toured extensively around Europe with their unique sounds and beats, developing what today could be best described as Urban-Gypsy-Jazz-Pop, fusing Gypsy-roots with modern EDM-beats … simply called EDM-Neo-Swing!